Official Millennial

Humanitarian  Award

The Pangaea Award is a merit-based global humanitarian award recognizing iconic humanitarians for their unparalleled contribution to the service of humanity.  Presented by TILFA on behalf of the global Millennial, Gen Z, and Gen Alpha generation, we award five global living iconic humanitarians with the Pangaea Award par Legacy Excellence in Film & Humanity.  Additionally, within four categories, we recognize impactful social humanitarian activists with the Laureate par Legacy Excellence Humanity Award.   Recipients of the Pangaea and Laureate Award join together as distinguished members of the Pangaea Award Fellowship Collective.  The iconic leaders of the Collective work together to address common problems and provide proposed solutions. 

The awards are presented on behalf of the millennial generation serving as the bridge generation to advance awareness, reform, and adoption of the modern human race.   We believe individual humanitarian actions matter. Our independent humanitarian actions create ripple effects that inspire and motivate us to adopt new ways of living.  By collectively uniting iconic leaders, the chances of success of the desired results quadruple.  We see iconic humanitarians come together all the time causing a tremendous amount of impact.  However, this appears to happen when there is a natural disaster or catastrophe.  The Pangaea Collective was created to serve as the preventative solution; a global community of iconic humanitarian leaders working to avoid a crisis before it becomes a catastrophe.

As the most progressive and passionate generation of change, we, the Millennials of planet earth, have come together to create a preventative humanitarian community comprised of the most impactful change agents of the world. Our mission is clear - bridging our world back to its original super community form, Pangaea.  The only way to achieve this mission is to bridge ourselves together as one people, as one human race, as one super community, Pangaea.

If you want to join us in our fight to save planet earth and preserve the legacy of humanity, join us!

Excellence In Humanity

Bridging Our World Back Together Again

Art creates what policy cannot, a new vision forward. We honor the works of revered living visionaries with an award designed to emulate the legacy they desire to leave behind in our world.  TILFA recognizes the meritorious excellence of distinguished humanitarians that are leaving a lasting legacy in our world today. We are on a mission to Service Humanity through the most powerful art form – film.

As we celebrate the courageousness of these monumentous philanthropy missions, we exalt the past, present and future work ethics of these revered visionaries that have altered the course of the human race through their ingenuity, prophet thinking and kindness. Every year, The International Legacy Film Academy hand selects distinguished global citizens that mirror the values of our organization and that of the world.

Case 7. Award w-Panthalassa Hegazy Capsu





The Pangaea Award is a symbol that art creates what policy cannot, a new vision forward. Through the performing arts and humanities, many humanitarians have surfaced utilizing their craft, celebrity iconic success, and esteemed industrious status to exact change in the world. The works of these iconic luminary figures breakdown the borders that separate us. The successes of these award recipients are metaphorically shifting our landmasses back together–bridging our world back to its original super community form, Pangaea.





TILFA recognizes the meritorious excellence of iconic humanitarians that are leaving a lasting legacy in our world today. We honor the unparalleled contribution to the Service of Humanity.  These are the super heros of the modern human race.

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The Laureate Affair is an annual award ceremony recognizing iconic humanitarians changing the face of the world.  We celebrate and honor recipients with the Pangaea and Laureate Award par Legacy Excellence Award.