Engage. Collaborate. Prosper.

Pangaea Award

Fellowship Collective

The Pangaea Award Fellowship Collective, also known as the Pangaea Collective, is a merit-based community comprised of iconic humanitarian leaders changing the face of our world.  The collective bridges impactful social activists from all generations around the world to push their humanitarian efforts into reform and mass adoption.  Each generation has a unique approach to addressing the common threat against humanity.   While methods and resources may be different, all are working to achieve the same objective - preserving the legacy of the human race and mother earth.  We created the Pangaea Collective to achieve this objective through our mission:

Bridging our world back together to its

original super community form, Pangaea.

Pangaea Collective Mission


The concept of the collective is simple.  Collective members work together creating DRAFT legislative proposals that address common humanitarian problems.  The primary objective of the Collective is for members around the world to join forces behind a unified position on a legislative matter that will result in mass adoption. 

The collective fellowship allows humanitarian leaders to share the merit-based experience of being honored for their impactful Service to Humanity. Collective members may pursue their missions independently with the aid of other organizations or collaborate on joint efforts and programs.  The Collective provides access and network to other leaders allowing members to engage, collaborate, and prosper.  For example, expert carbon humanitarian leaders can now have direct access to reputable ocean and air conservation leaders, whereby collectively, they create impactful programs, draft executable legislation, combine precise data results to predict probable solutions leading to mass adoption.

The Pangaea Collective operates in a 7 step process.


The Pangaea Collective 7 Step Process

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The Pangaea Collective is the bridge missing in the global humanitarian network.  Every year, we unify iconic leaders to quadruple the effects of their campaigns and double the success ratio of legislative reform resulting in mass adoption.

Jean-Que M. Dar, Founder The Pangaea Award


The Bridge Connecting

Iconic Humanitarian Leaders

We can undo the harm we have caused to the earth by working together.  The Collective is specifically designed to be the center and network for iconic humanitarian leaders to advance causes together or bring awareness to their independent missions. Collectively, we discover solutions affecting humanity.  Our mission is clear - bridging our world back together to its original super community form, Pangaea. 


Independently, iconic humanitarian leaders have amassed incredible data for action.  Millions of dollars have been poured into hundreds of campaigns and proposals with impeccable jaw-dropping supporting data.  Yet, once a cause-to-action has been released, the desired response results are not where they need to be to eradicate the issues behind the data.  Joint efforts are needed.  Wider nets need to be cast.  Strategic execution measures penetrating the general population are required to meet the desired results to combat the threats of humanity.  If the UK is alone successful in passing legislative reform and India, US, and Asia have not passed similar reforms, the change we all desire to see will be impaired.  We must join forces. The values of the Pangaea Collective aims to balance the desired results of the data. 

We can succeed if we work together as one people, as one human race, as one super community, as Pangaea.

Engage. Collaborate. Prosper.

Pangaea Collective Values



Members engage the Collective as a whole or an individual member with a proposal. Members are encouraged to join forces to cause more impact on a subject matter.



Members collaborate on proposals.  Proposals can take shape in many forms such as proposed legislation banning use of items or data survey advocacy campaigns that reach a broader audience.



Given that most collective members are leaders, the success ratio of solution proposals is high.  With the full social activism campaign of the Collective, we will begin to see impactful results.