TILFA accepts public nominations for the Pangaea and Laureate Award.  

TILFA recognizes the meritorious excellence of distinguished humanitarians that are leaving a lasting legacy in our world today with The Pangaea Award par Legacy Excellence in Film & Humanity.   This is the FIRST of its kind corporate professional award by millennial professionals.  The Pangaea Award par Legacy Excellence is a merit-based award that recognizes the unmatched-superior achievements of living persons changing our world for the better through a sizeable mission or medium such as their career, philanthropy, or corporate initiatives.


In addition, twenty distinct social activist humanitarians are appointed recognized for their impactful activism with the Laureate par Legacy Excellence Award.

Laureate Award Nomination | Influencers for Change 

Today, social media has become one of the best resources for inspiration and social change. Full of celebrities, activists, and change agents, it’s the best vehicle to bring about awareness and action to issues. With over 800 million active monthly users, social influence can be a powerful tool to bring about social change.  Qualified nominees who inspire us to do more through their ACTIVE humanitarian work.  

Candidate Selection Guidelines:

  • The nominee must be living

  • Unparalleled contribution to Service Humanity in their category.

  • Efforts must be ACTIVE having caused a strong social impact in their humanitarian field.

  • Possess all the characteristics of our values: Inclusion.  Empathy. Ambition.  Responsibility. Transparency.

  • Nominee must be a social media influencer and cannot be under 21 or a corporation involved in charitable giving.

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