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"The Pangaea Award par Legacy Excellence in Film & Humanity award is a symbol of unity, solidarity, completeness, humanity, compassion, and accountability," envisioned by Pangaea Award founder and designer Jean-Que M. Dar, a millennial. 


The Pangaea Award is simply impeccable. Its purposeful design emulates a period in Earth's history where precious rocks and stones were untouched by the ingenuity of humanity.  "Breathtaking rays of gold emerge as the sun shines through the award," Stephanie Ross, a millennial and TILFA Director of Communications, "its literally a showstopper and 'wow' award." 

The spirit of the award is equally embraced by its priceless opulent elegance. Upon first glance, the award is strikingly exquisite as though it was refined from the pure elements of the Triassic and Jurassic Periods. Every inch of the Pangaea Award, whose motif is a direct representation of the Pangaea super community, is crafted to evoke its recipients' dedication, excellence, prestige, unparalleled commitment, accountability, and service to humanity.

Jean-Que is a strong social advocate for human and animal rights.  Born to Haitian immigrant parents, Dar has the first-hand experience of the strong reality of humanitarian aid.  "As a first-generation Haitian-American, we must come together to secure a future for our children." 





The Pangaea Award was conceptualized to honor the meritorious works of iconic luminary figures actively breaking down borders of the human race that separate us.  The success of their humanitarian works are bridges uniting our world back to its original super community form, Pangaea.   Millions of years ago, Pangaea was a supercontinent community where all things living shared one home on one landmass and continent.

The works of recipients are metaphorically shifting our landmasses back together.  They are the bridge of humanity, connecting the human race and the legacy of Pangaea.





Symbolizing the unparalleled timeless commitment to the action of service and humanity around the world, the Pangaea Award sits at an approximate 23.5 degrees to mirror the precise slant axis of Earth’s timeless orbital plane around our sun.

Recipients exemplify the meritorious commitment of excellence and contribution in a humanitarian achievement they have specifically founded from inception. Recipients must be active founders and board members of the organizations they oversee.





Throughout time, the laurel has always been the triumphant symbol of peace, protection and achievement. In ancient times, the laurel was first symbolically officiated as the ‘bringer of peace’ (Pliny NH15.40) by Roman naval and army commander Gaius Plinius Secundus, a great Roman philosopher.

Laureate recipients are bringers of peace. Exemplified in the mission and vision of their charitable works, the works of these iconic visionaries leave the insurmountable gift of peace.  A legacy that transcends time impacting future generations.



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The Pangaea Award is a global organization on a mission to bridge our world back to its original super community form. Pangaea is combating social injustice, humanitarian crises, and climate change, and seeks to end the injustice of poverty. We unit iconic humanitarians forming a collective to create action-enhanced legislative reform around the world. 


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