The Pangaea Award

Established in 2019, The Pangaea Award par Legacy Excellence is a symbol that art creates what policy cannot, a new vision forward. Through the performing arts, social media, and the humanities, many humanitarians have surfaced utilizing their craft, celebrity iconic success, and esteemed industrious status to exact change in the world. The works of these iconic luminary figures breakdown the borders that separate us. The success of the award recipients is metaphorically shifting our landmasses back together–bridging our world back to its original super community form, Pangaea.

We are facing a global emergency.  We must work together to secure future living conditions for humankind and our future.

Greta Thunberg, 16-year-old Environmental Activist


The Pangea Award par Legacy Excellence in Film and Humanity

The Story  |  Past, Present & Future

Once upon a time, about 250 million years ago, all of Earth’s continents were apart of one massive supercontinent called Pangaea, which was surrounded by a single ocean called Panthalassa. Pangaea was a supercontinent community and home to all things living free without borders. Pangaea rested on massive slabs of plate rocks that are always moving (even today) in a process called plate tectonics. One day, the plate tectonics started to shift causing Pangaea to break the supercontinent apart resulting in the separation of the super community to what we have today as our modern-day seven continents.


In acknowledgment of their Service to Humanity, on behalf of the Millennial, Gen Z, and Gen Alpha generations, we honor and celebrate the achievements and industrious efforts of meritorious iconic humanitarians that have progressively changed the face of our world with The Pangaea Award par Legacy Excellence in Film and Humanity.

We honor the work of these esteemed visionaries with an award designed to emulate the legacy they desire to leave behind in our world.


We honor those who have challenged the undefeatable odds to execute change where change seemed impossible. We celebrate those who are not swayed by the mighty powers preventing transformation to the needy. We exalt those who are relentless in volatile environments shifting change in the pursuit of life, equal access, inclusion, freedom, and liberty.


These are the high-esteemed mortal plate tectonic trailblazers of our modern era whose contributions have left a lasting legacy for generations to come. This is a modern award hosted byTILFA on behalf of the Millennial, Gen Z, Gen Alpha, and future generations.  

The Pangaea Award is a merit-based accountability award.  Despite age, race, status, or location, recipients of the first-of-its-kind humanitarian award work together to build bridges that can secure the future of humanity through joint actions to impact mass adoption.  We are ready.

Jean-Que M. Dar, Founder of The Pangaea Award

Merit-Based Fellowship Community of

Iconic Humanitarians

Recipients of the Pangaea Award and Laureate Award join together as members of the Pangaea Award Fellowship Collective.  A merit-based community of humanitarian leaders on a mission to secure a better world for our future.  Award recipients work together to bring awareness to their causes while working together as a community of active humanitarians to achieve the same goal of advancing our efforts to bridge our world back together again.


Bridging our world back together again signifies that all persons are apart of the human race despite race, age, status, or geographical location.  Members of the community aim to solve critical issues impacting the health, safety, security or wellbeing of the human race.  Members are recognized for their unparalleled contribution to service humanity through one of the following categories:  

  • Climate Change

  • Hydrological Disasters

  • Drought and Water Scarcity

  • Famine - Scarcity of Food and Nutrition

  • Homelessness and Housing Shortage

  • Human Infectious Diseases and Biological Epidemics

  • Geophysical Natural Disasters

  • Technology Access and Advancement 

  • Oceanic Preservation

  • Land and Marine Wildlife Preservation

  • Air Environmental Conservation


Each new member conducts an accountability on-camera interview to bring awareness to their humanitarian mission allowing the public, namely other members of the Pangaea Award fellowship, to help advance their mission collectively.  We must work together to advance humanity into a culture of preservation and normalize the performance of sustainable living behavior.

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Hundreds of people, organizations, and groups are reviewed based on merit.  Fifteen are nominated and ultimately, five are chosen to receive the prestigious Pangaea Award.

Recipients are unveiled at The Laureate Affair held annually in Los Angeles.  Recipients then conduct a 60 min sit down interview on their Service to Humanity.  Every year previews of the interviews and the trophy are awarded at the Legacy Soiree Dinner held during The Legacy Awards Week of events.





Every year twenty highly esteemed notable social humanitarians are recognized for their impactful activism with the Laureate Par Legacy Excellence Award.  Five Laureates per category are selected based on the following categories:

  • Common Good Humanitarian

  • Influencers for Change

  • Young Humanitarians

  • Venture Philanthropists  

The twenty laureates are invited to Los Angeles, California and pinned at The Laureate Affair and inducted into the same fellowship as the Pangea Award recipients.

PIN 1c - Pangaea 2019 - Bottom Female Su

Common Good Humanitarian  

Social activism is the intentional action with the goal of bringing about social change. Activists are actively working towards change in their local community or around the world are welcome to be apply or submit an activist nomination.  Despite the size of their work or the impactfulness thereof, every year we will honor five social activists for their active work as The Good Humanitarian Pangea Laureate.   Nominees in this category cannot be social media influencers, under 21 or a corporation involved in charitable giving. 


Influencers for Change

Today, social media has become one of the best resources for inspiration. Full of celebrities, activists, and influencers, it’s a great place to promote social activism.  With over 800 million active monthly users, social influence can be a powerful tool to bring about social change.    In this category, we honor laureates who inspire us to do more through their ACTIVE humanitarian work. Must be a social media influencer, and cannot be under 21 or a corporation involved in charitable giving.  



Young Humanitarian  

The world depends on the next generation of leaders and social activists.  This award and pin inspires young humanitarians that a pathway does exist for effort, recognition and success among their class and peers.  We exemplify these young entrepreneurial social activists for their commitment to social advocacy in their youth.  We uplift and celebrate their determination and success in their Service to Humanity.  In this category, we honor laureates under the age of 21 that our future depends on. 


Venture Philanthropists

Venture philanthropy. Angel philanthropy. Enterprise philanthropy. Impact philanthropy. Catalytic philanthropy. Strategic philanthropy. These are some of the names that are being used to describe philanthropic models that go far beyond the writing of checks and often take a deep and long-term view of what it means to invest in solving global and/or local problems.  This type of impact investment takes concepts and techniques from venture capital finance and business management and applies them to achieving philanthropic goals.