Panthalassa Hegazy Capsule 


“Art creates what policy cannot, a new vision forward,” coined by Pangaea Award designer Mahmoud Hegazy, a millennial. 

Panthalassa was the superocean that surrounded the supercontinent Pangaea during the Triassic and Jurassic periods of Earth’s history. Mahmoud Hegazy is the ingenious mastermind behind the eloquent design of the profound capsule.

The inner lid chamber of the Hegazy Capsule is comprised of a rich lush silver padding. The interior award cavity chamber is bordered with a gold plated outline of a volcano from the Jurassic period with the inscription PANGAEA.

Hegazy joined the TILFA design team owing to his immense passion as a humanitarian in the Middle East.  Hegazy is an Egyptian Architect and Designer based in Cairo, Egypt. He has always been interested in a wide range of Art/Design forms and practices. His interdisciplinary practice is predicated on the passion he has for almost all kinds of arts and design forms including Architecture and Product Design. 

"I wanted the immaculate design of the case to symbolize the history of the Pangaea supercontinent Jurassic period.  It is a reminder that through the rough and unknown paths of life, lies within her, the gift of peace, unity, and beauty.  Within all of us is the spirit of unity, the spirit of Pangaea."