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The Pangaea Award is a merit-based global humanitarian award recognizing iconic humanitarians for their unparalleled contribution to the service of humanity.  Presented by TILFA on behalf of the global Millennial, Gen Z, and Gen Alpha generation, we award five global living iconic humanitarians with the Pangaea Award par Legacy Excellence in Film & Humanity.  Additionally, within four categories, we recognize impactful social humanitarian activists with the Laureate par Legacy Excellence Humanity Award.   Recipients of the Pangaea and Laureate Award join together as distinguished members of the Pangaea Award Fellowship Collective.  The iconic leaders of the Collective work together to address common problems and provide proposed solutions. 

The awards are presented on behalf of the millennial generation serving as the bridge generation to advance awareness, reform, and adoption of the modern human race.   We believe individual humanitarian actions matter. Our independent humanitarian actions create ripple effects that inspire and motivate us to adopt new ways of living.  By collectively uniting iconic leaders, the chances of success of the desired results quadruple.  We see iconic humanitarians come together all the time causing a tremendous amount of impact.  However, this appears to happen when there is a natural disaster or catastrophe.  The Pangaea Collective was created to serve as the preventative solution; a global community of iconic humanitarian leaders working to avoid a crisis before it becomes a catastrophe.

As the most progressive and passionate generation of change, we, the Millennials of planet earth, have come together to create a preventative humanitarian community comprised of the most impactful change agents of the world. Our mission is clear - bridging our world back to its original super community form, Pangaea.  The only way to achieve this mission is to bridge ourselves together as one people, as one human race, as one super community, Pangaea.


Hosted by TILFA


TILFA | The International Legacy Film Academy hosts the annual Pangaea Award.  TILFA is a film organization uniting all the global film markets on one all-inclusive platform as we celebrate and award the best filmmakers in the world through The Legacy Award.  The Legacy Award, the corporation, its founder, members and all participants adhere to the Legacy magna carta: 

Legacy is not leaving something for people – its leaving something in people in our pursuit to service humanity.


Designed to be all-embracing, TILFA manages seven distinct global branches – each branch represents a continent in the world to address the needs of its regional storytellers and professional film artists within its filmmaking market.  All the talent and creativity from each region is then scaled to a global platform where, despite the story, we celebrate the best artistry in the world nominated by the best award-winning film artists of the world.

At TILFA, we believe films change the world.  Filmmaking has the transformative power — beyond that of any other medium — to shed light on an issue, set global trends and shift political governments simply because someone told their story. Telling a powerful story on-screen has always had a way of affecting people for change, and in turn, mobilizing an entire country toward shifting priorities. At its core whether through creative or socioeconomic means, films have been a driving force behind progress throughout the history of the human race.  At TILFA, the mission is Servicing Humanity through the most powerful art form - film.  





Every year, TILFA selects distinguished global citizens whose humanitarian efforts are bridging our world back together again.  Learn more about our selection process here Voting Body.  Created by a distinguished and accomplished team of millennials, the Pangaea Award management team and board reflect the global mission of the award and organization. 


Comprised of seven directors, each Executive Director is a natural-born citizen from each of the seven continents of the world.  100% of the executive leadership team are distinguished and reputable millennials within the corporate humanitarian, media, and/or entertainment industry.  At TILFA, our leadership team emulates the change and legacy we desire to see in the world today.  Learn more about our Global Leadership Team and Executive Board of Directors.   

Meet the visionary millennials behind the Pangaea Award.



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Jean-Que M. Dar

Haiti | Millennial

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Pangaea Award Founder

 TILFA Founder

Founder of the Global Humanitarian Collective. Blockchain data scientist connecting all the film markets in the world.

TILFA VOA Daria German.jpg

Daria German

Russia | Millennial

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TILFA Executive Director of Europe

Pangaea Award Creator

TILFA VOA SunnyVachher.jpg

Sunny Vachher

India | Millennial

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TILFA Executive Director of Asia

Pangaea Award Creator


TEDTalks Producer.  Founder and owner of Hollywood Casting Film Studios.


Isaac Swiderski

America | Millennial

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Pangaea Award Technology

TILFA Chief Technology Officer


Co-Founder of a global digital studio agency.


Lloyd Simon


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Pangaea Award Legal

TILFA VP, General Counsel


Original Founder of MTV. 

Jesse Davis.jpeg

Jessie Davis

America | Millennial

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Pangaea Award Technology

TILFA Director of Technology


Co-Founder of a global digital studio agency.

Katie Pyne Producing.jpg

Katie Pyne

America | Millennial

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TILFA Creative Producer

Pangaea Award Lead Producer


CNN Associate Producer.

BuzzFeed Senior Creative Producer. Discovery Channel Associate Producer.


Marc Levy

America | Millennial

  • RSS - Grey Circle

TILFA Director of Photography

Pangaea Award Producer 

Pangaea Award Cinematographer


Co-Founder of
ndigenous Productions


Marc Solomon

America | Millennial

  • RSS - Grey Circle

TILFA Director

Pangaea Award Producer 

Pangaea Award Director


Co-Founder of Indigenous Productions


Production Company


TILFA is elated to produce the Pangaea Award alongside Indigenous Productions.  Founded by Emmy Nominated Director Marc Salomon and multi-award-winning cinematographer Marc Levy, the Marc's are humanistic storytellers determined to bring character-driven content to global audiences. They built Indigenous around the passion of exposing the authenticity behind the voices of hero’s that have overcome major obstacles. Indigenous is known for producing some of the most compelling stories about art, music, and sports. Indigenous specifically seeks out projects about people, their lives, their passions, their trials, and their hopes.   


Indigenous is a Hollywood staple having directed Regina King, Chirs Evans, Busy Philipps, Lionel and Nicole Richie, Julianne Hough, Jessica Alba, and Rachel Zoe to name a few.


Learn more about Indigenous Productions.